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. roberta gonzales and a team of celebrities and volunteers are waiting for your call. how are things going? >> reporter: unbelievable. we have been here for 11 hours strong now since 6 a.m. people have been coming in and out volunteering their day to answer these telephone calls like tony stewart right here from the oakland raiders. what has impressed us the most is how you at home have responded to our appeal for west coast to help east coast. we have 49ers here, dennis brown, dana king and all of us have been just moved by your stories. i have $30 in my checking account but i'm still going to give you 10. any amount helps. you can still help by calling 1- 888-5-helps-u. get this. right now, liz and allen, we are up to $93,000 with two more hours to go. >> wow. people's generosity is astounding. thank you. >>> the good news, the election is over. the bad news, now you're going to be hearing a lot about something even more terrifying. >> the so-called "fiscal cliff." >> reporter: the so-called "fiscal cliff." >> looms the so-called "fiscal cliff." >> the looming "fiscal cliff." >> the impe
to help out. roberta gonzales is in our help center. >> reporter: i'm proud to be part of cbs 5's hurricane relief fund telethon. i'm going to be here from now until 7 p.m. each and every minute trying to raise a dollar from each and every one of you out there. so we're not leaving here until we have your support to help our friends across the country. in fact, we would like to give you a recap on what's happened over the past 7 days. it's been the american red cross, they have been there for the entire country in this will the battle for hurricane sandy. the red cross has served more than a million meals and snacks providing more than 17,000 health services and the emotional support contacts for people affected by sandy. now, get this stat. shelters have provided nearly 90,000 overnight stays and still today, this morning, 53,000 people are waking up in red cross shelters across the east coast. the red cross has also deployed more than 5300 disaster worker, 60 trailers of relief supplies. this has been going on every day since last monday. it's continuing this morning with the la
delays at sfo. >> roberta gonzales is at the airport for us now with more. how long are we talking? >> reporter: right now the rain has stopped. we have a little reprieve but winds have been problematic gusting up to 37 miles an hour. behind me is an empty runway. this is something that you should not be seeing at this time of the day. it should be filled with arriving and departure flights. right now we have one cancellation of an international plane but we have so many cancellations of arriving flights for monterey, from orange county, from santa barbara. and earlier today we had over 4 hour delays on arriving flights. i just went inside the terminal and took another look. it looks like we are still seeing delays up to 2 hours and 24 minutes on arriving flights. what the duty manager says is that even if we begin to pick up some of these rates of departing flights we'll still have problems now on arrivals because it takes a while to get these planes turned around after such a huge delay. so word of advice, if you are coming to sfo, it's advisable to call ahead because this is goi
families." roberta gonzales is at whole foods in san francisco with more on how you can help. roberta. >> reporter: elizabeth, i'm so excited because i had been involved with "food for bay area families" each and every year and this is our tenth annual food drive and it's better than ever i we're at a brand-new whole foods off ocean avenue. tell me about this excellent new program you're offering. >> is he grab and give is a program for customers to be able to donate breakfast, lunch, dinner or a whole day of food for a family of four in need at any register at any whole foods market store in the greater bay area. >> reporter: how does it work? >> you just pick up one of these cards, bring it to any cashier at checkout, make a donation. >> reporter: so it can go from 5 to 10 to $25. >> it's that easy and customers can always donate food at any whole foods market in the barrels. >> reporter: you have never made it so easy. we'll talk about it more later in the program and see this man here? paul ash executive director of marin and san francisco food bank. don't go away, we have a very
breathe.. clean.. it doesn't look tood out there this morning.. but roberta gonzales is out givg us a closer look at how air quality officials monitor te air.. roberta.. is it a co d process? thanks, lawrence. coming up.. can november 6th come fast enough?? not for s little girl.. " i'm tired of bronco bama d mitt romney" november 6 come fast enough? apparently not for had little girl. [ crying ] >> tired of barack obama and mitt romney. [ sobbing ] >> that's why you're crying? oh. it will be over soon, abby... okay? ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, serving in afghanistan. >>> it started with a simple c.a.r.e. package sent to a marine captain servin in afghanistan. but it was turned into a pipeline of support for servicemembers overseas. kate kelly reports. >> they were asking for tourniquettes, medical scissors, flashlights. >> reporter: it's not unusual for aaron negherbon to go calls at all hours of the day from the front is lines in afghanistan like the call he got from a marine corps major needing help. >> he said we just got into our base here in afghanistan and half of my unit is coming
with partly sunny skies. roberta gonzales is somewhere where earlier this week, roberta, they had a mud slide without any rain. >> reporter: take a good look at this because this right here this is the only piece of machinery that's left from daly city workers who have feverishly been working around the although to be shore up this neighborhood. let me tale take you back. it was early tuesday morning when a main water break sent 45,000 gallons of water mixed with sand and mud slides into this daly city neighborhood. coming up at 6:00 i went ahead and took to the streets to this neighborhood. i walked up and down this road here. i found a neighborsays he is still scared. another mud slide could occur in the wake of days of rain in the forecast. we'll talk to him coming up at 6:00. reporting from daly city, roberta gonzales, cbs 5. >>> thank you. they don't want to see the rainfall. but they are going to get up to 1.5" between now and sunday. roberta will keep an eye on that and report at 6:00. >> thank you. >>> the best black friday deals may not come on black friday. cbs 5 consumerwatch repor
and in some select spots, it was snow. one of those spots mount diablo. that's where roberta gonzales is live tonight. good afternoon. >> reporter: hi, paul. official sundown is at 5:02. it's occurring behind me as we speak. i'm at 2900 feet atop mount diablo tonight. this is where we saw light snow this morning according to chopper 5 this morning high in the sky. since then the snow has allowed to melt as the temperature here actually did top off right around 40 degrees. but coming up at 6:00 tonight, we are going to take you on our truck right here at mount diablo from the base to 1,000 feet to 2,000 feet, 3,000 feet, then at the summit, 3800 feet. we'll show you what every cyclist in the bay area that climbs this mountain knows, the temperature drops dramatically! again, that's coming up tonight at 6:00 right here on cbs 5. roberta gonzales from mount diablo. >>> it has been a dismal week on wall street. today's slight gain wasn't much to recoup the losses from the market's worst two-day slide in a year. wall street is sending a message to washington, d.c. find a way to fix the "fiscal cli
here on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, thanks to a new system. cb's roberta gonzales is live i >>> a south bay school district is saving a ton of money and water thanks to a new system. cbs 5's roberta gonzales live down in campbell with the smarter sprinklers. hi, roberta. >> reporter: hi there, frank. hi, michelle. doesn't you just hate it when you see people watering their lawns when it's raining outside or perhaps watering their lawns and it's really windy and all the water goes up into the atmosphere and evaporates? that's waste. that's why the campbell middle school has called on hydropoint's ceo chris spain here to tell us how hydropoint has made a difference here at campbell middle school. >> well, thanks, roberta. i think it's really simple what we do is we eliminate waste by making sure the controller irrigates the right amount of water at the right time. the way we do that is have a feature called weather track which replaces the existing irrigation controller with a computer. and the computer calculates exactly how much water and when. >> reporter: you're using the
and businesses. reporting from concord, roberta gonzales, cbs 5. >>> much more on our stormy weather coming up including the typing of the next round of rain and this reminder, you can use our live hi-def doppler on our website to zero in on your neighborhood. we also have a list of places where you can pick up sandbags. just go to our website, and click on weather. >>> new at 5:00 we are getting our first look at a smash-and- grab robbery that happened at a south bay jewelry store. security cameras were rolling as two men armed with semi- automatic weapons burst into a jewelry store in los gatos. they held employees at gunpoint and then look at them go to work. one used a hammer to smash glass display cases and then they filled a bag with jewelry, police say the theft was well planned. the suspects apparently made use of two getaway cars. >> two women saved from a burning rv in san jose have an alert passerby to thank. the man was walking on santiago avenue this morning when he spotted smoke coming from the camper and heard screams from inside. he was able to pry open the door and p
's a lot of work. all right, cate, thank you. >>> cbs 5's roberta gonzales is live in san anselmo now where residents and businesses alike are keeping an "eye on the storm" in marin county. >> reporter: it's currently 55 degrees with light rain in san anselmo. and i am right above the san anselmo creek. this is a little creek by appearance. but it's notorious for overflowing its banks when you have days and days of consistent rainfall as we have in the forecast right now. in fact, we take you back to 2005. that's when it reached 13 feet in height and 4 feet of that ended up in many of the main street businesses. so that's why i visited sally ritter today owner of vintage flamingo. take us back to 2005. >> reporter: the flood came in it was four feet in the shop and pretty much lost everything, over $100,000 worth of merchandise. >> oh, boy. how are you preparing this year with the forecast? >> sandbags, floodgates for the doors, new doors, we are ready. >> reporter: is the town talking about this? >> they are talking about it. >> reporter: we have is more rain in the forecast right near i
area and it's going to be here for the better part of 3 days. roberta gonzales is reporting live from napa. not every rainstorm not every big storm is created the same. >> reporter: light rain on and off again all day winds south at 15 miles per hour. the last time i was standing right here reporting on that river, the napa river was new year's eve 1997 and new year's day 1998. this flooded local businesses. that was due to el nino. even though we are expecting a foot of rain here in napa between today and sunday night, coming up at 6:00 i'll tell you why we don't anticipate the same kind of flooding. that's tonight at 6:00 right here on cbs 5. reporting from napa, roberta gonzales cbs 5. >>> and as you just heard, the north bay is going to get hammered but one spot in particular really needs to watch out. in the past, heavy rains have flooded san anselmo creek inundating the downtown with water. voters approved a tax for prevention projects five years ago. but the money has been tied up in court most of the time. now there's about $10 million waiting to be spent. >> there are efforts
as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, bay area families drive. roberta gonzales is at whole foods market in san franciso >>> cbs 5 is kicking off our annual "food for bay area families" drive and roberta gonzales at whole foods market at san francisco now talking about children's nutrition. >> reporter: you can buy a card, grab and give $10 for lunch, dinner. amy will tell us how this benefits the children, how nutritious is all this. what would $10 get me? >> sure. so for $10, you can get a wide selection of different products from apple juices which are great for the kids to peanut butter which is a nutrient- dense food with protein, some things like tuna, mild chili, those are very, very high in protein which are great pantry staples to have. >> reporter: and this is lunch for just $10. dinner explain over here how the kids benefit with $10 for dinner. >> sure. so for dinner, we have a wide va it roof different products. we have your pantry staples like spaghetti and rice and add black beans and tomato sauces and green beans for a wonderful well balanced meal
relief efforts. roberta gonzales has been womaning the phones since before sunrise. roberta, there's still a lot more work to be done now, huh? >> reporter: the telethon officially closes down at 7:00 but that doesn't mean you need to stop giving. we want your support even after 7:00 tonight. this just happens to be cbs 5, all our radio stations owned by cbs and also the cw, who have come together collectively to join forces with the american red cross to be sure we get the money we're raising here to new york, new jersey, philadelphia and connecticut. who can tell us more about that than ceo of the american red cross mr. harold brooks. thank you so much for joining us here it evening. >> thank you. >> reporter: while i have been manning the phones people ask if i make a donation, $1, $10, $500, $1,000, does every penny go to the american red cross? >> it does. and we are going to see to it that it's there to take care of the many needs of the people who are suffering as a result of this terrible disaster. >> reporter: when you see these phones or hear these phones and see these p
to be finished but before it's finished places like napa where roberta gonzales is reporting live tonight could see significant rainfall but roberta, not every storm is created equal. right? >> that's right. we have been in and out of the rain here in napa all afternoon. the wind have been picking up and dying down. last time i was in napa for coverage of a flowing river happened to be just right there. it was new year's eve of 1997 and new year's day of 1998. i was here reporting on the napa river overflowing its banks and devastating local businesses here. the difference between what happened then and what we're expecting now is timing. this is the month of november. that was december and january when the river was bloated with plenty of rainfall and now it's not at that stage. however if we saw big time flooding here in napa i spoke with a native colin who is brewmaster at downtown joe's and here's what he had to say. >> we expect a flood. we have a lot customers here. we are lucky. as soon as the flood advisory comes out. they show up. there's nights where the customers have sat here all ni
and of the community that we want these children to prosper and to succeed. >> our very own roberta gonzales was the keynote speaker. she was the first person among her siblings to go to college. the conference's goal to encourage students to learn more about higher education. >>> the new ipad mini is on sale finally today at apple stores all around the world but lines have been shorter than previous rollouts probably because of the price than other products on the market from amazon and google. today only the wi-fi version of the ipad mini is on sale. the cell model will be available next month. >> what do you think? >> i like it. but i haven't bought one. >> yeah. do you have an ipad? >> i do not but i thought those were cool. i don't like the real big ones. that seems funny when you see people taking pictures holding up these big screens. i was down at the tech museum of innovation today and they are having a science festival so we were doing the whole flew tog thing. that wasn't too bad. you can make your own down there and learn all about the arts and crafts down there making innovativ
, have a great time. >> yeah. cbs 5's roberta gonzales in berkeley tonight where spirited cal fans are entering memorial stadium. how's it looking? >> we are here at the university of california berkeley home of the cal barnes. it's the first friday night light game. people have been streaming in especially in the past 45 minutes. but i have been doing this random poll asking everybody, how did you get here? [ screaming ] >> reporter: and they said the number one reason that they're here is bart. because all these roads are closed behind me here. you cannot enter except by foot. we drove all the way around memorial stadium. it took us a good 45 minutes and we had press parking passes to get here. but we still could not park. so coming up at 6:00 tonight, we're going to talk about the madness behind all the parking. the big-time problems. but we're also going to bring you exciting things going on here too, as well. reporting from cal berkeley, go, bears! ken? >> all right, roberta. thank you for that. >>> it's a $23 million blessing for a southern california family. the winning tic
tonight's big lighting ceremony? >> i don't think so. roberta gonzales is going to help us. she is already on the ice. >> reporter: i think i'm dizzy! so i'm going to call on rosie here. rosie and brad and we'll take it away. we are at the 26th annual holiday carnival here at justin herman plaza and this is the official lighting, thank you so much -- of the embarcadero center. so 26th annual lighting is always so much fun. it officially kicks off the holiday season here in the bay area. steve colvin, i feel like it's been a good year since i have see you. >> welcome back. >> reporter: tell me what to expect? >> today we have the winter carnival which starts at 4 p.m. of the and that's a family oriented event. we have pony rides, face painters, santa, and everything in between 4 to 6 today and then we have the disney on ice show 6 to 7 p.m. and culminates with the building lighting ceremony. >> reporter: the building light something at 6:00 and tell me about that. >> so tonight we'll light the lights of the great buildings. 17,000 lights. we are going to have a special guest who i'm not go
children who just won a $23 million jackpot. >>> good evening, roberta gonzales live at the university of california in berkeley home of your cal bears. a very late arriving crowd tonight. we'll talk about why they are so tardy as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,, this is hayden. ,,,,,,,,,, that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight. a popular desk toy won't be rolling off the assembly lie any longer. as >>> a popular desk toy won't be rolling off the assembly line any longer. >> as cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts tells us buckyballs are going buh-bye. >> reporter: after a long hard fight the maker of buckyballs is giving in and discontinuing production of these little magnet
and tuesday. showers return on wednesday and thursday. the holidays are about to return. roberta gonzales has a countdown to one of the sure signs of holidays in san francisco. good evening. >> reporter: paul, i have to tell you, i have been doing the antirain dance right here with aloha spirit -- [overlapping speakers] >> it's working. >> reporter: the rain has stopped. >> it has stopped. >> reporter: we are here for the 26th annual countdown at the embarcadero building lighting. what does this mean to you? >> hawaii and san francisco have had a long love affair for years so it's a natural fit for hawaiian airlines to be part of this tradition. we are going on our fourth year here. it really connects us. it's all about community family tradition. >> you have cold weather and rain like this in hawaii. >> we have some rain but not quite as cold. it's a nice treat. >> reporter: besides the dancing we have a wonderful festivity here with people gathering and i have to tell you as soon as we have this gathering each and every year, this is my 15th year involved with this this kicks off the holida
in some areas. roberta gonzales is in concord tonight where the city is offering free sandbags. you have the shovel there ready to go. >> reporter: i really do, allen. i have to tell you, all morning and early afternoon, we have been been out in the rain and as you mentioned gusty winds and then i heard about something very special. free sandbags to residents and some businesses. and this is happening all over the bay area. i headed to the east bay and found out that pleasanton, walnut creek, martinez, also san ramon, offering free sandbags. but right here, in the steve concord, they are going a little further. they are offering this service 24/7. so i looked up the director of concord and told me, justin e zell had this to say. >> we have the station here that's available 24 hours a day 7 days a week which is new for this city because in prior years this was only available up until 3:30 p.m. in the afternoon monday through friday. and as now the storms don't stop. so people need to get out here and make sandbags in the middle of the night or early in the morning so we wanted to make it
what. it snowed. roberta gonzales has more. >> reporter: official sun-up at 6:42 and chopper 5 was high in the sky and yes, paul, guess what chopper 5 found as it skimmed across portions of the east bay and headed to mount diablo and a light dusting of snow fell in the overnight hours and in the very wee hours of the morning light snow. in fact, on an annual basis, mount diablo does receive 1.2" of snow. but in a very rare event. we have to take you back to december 7 of 2009, 18" of snow fell in one day. in fact, i remember that so well. this mountain was just loaded with people wanting to see it. so by the time our photographer alex and i got up here today to take a look at the snow, it pretty much had melted as anticipated but we thought we would tell you about another part of the mountain as many cyclists across the bay area no. it's the best kept secret. you dress to ride your bike on the bottom of the mountain and you dress for the warm weather. but then by the time you climb to the very top of this mountain, you're freezing! so we decided today to take you along and show you just
inundated with mud because of a water main break is now bracing for rain. roberta gonzales with how crews are trying to prevent an even bigger mess. >> reporter: in order to explain all of this that's occurring here tonight in this daly city neighborhood, first off i have to take you back to early tuesday morning. it was 4:30 a.m. when we had a major water break from a pipe that was built in the 1930s. it sent 43,000 gallons of water rushing down a local hillside taking with it sand, water and mud right here into this daly city neighborhood. now, today, here we are on thursday looking at least three days of rain ahead. so what city workers have been doing working around the clock, first off they put these hay bales here and i was told they did this because this will prevent any mud from going back out on the street and into the neighborhood if indeed there was yet another mud slide. behind me here if you can see this, this is jute, like a rope. it's been laid all around here on top of all of this soil. this is the mud that came down out of the hillside. so what does all this mean? i talke
's check in with roberta gonzales in the east bay where floodwaters are rising. roberta. >> reporter: it's not just the rivers that are rising across the bay area, michelle. no, we are here in pleasanton. besides our el nino year of 1997, 1998, i have never seen such widespread flooding. i brought this tape to see how deep it is here and it's over a foot and a half of ponding on this road. this is crazy. i have to tell you, i started hearing the raindrops off my rooftop right after midnight and this rain has not let up all cause by the low pressure to the west causing a training effect. the rain just keeps steadily moving in as lawrence was alluding to, we have more rain coming sow what are they doing here in the bay area? they are turning on the drains and starting to try to get all of this water out of this particular parking lot before more water moves back in. now, if you want to just see how much more rain is going to be moving into your neighborhood, it's easy. check out our live high-def doppler radar at you can even maneuver the radar and see how it is shaping
and it's also a new season for air quality. with more on that, roberta gonzales is live tonight. >> reporter: today is the first day of winter "spare the air" day. i converted from gas. my son suffers from asthma. i just love this. i took out the wood and put in candles. and this is another way that you can still light up during those winter "spare the air" days. if you don't abide by the very new rules and regulations in place, you could end up at smoke school. we'll talk about that tonight at 6:00 right here on cbs 5. >> all right. thanks, roberta. >>> untreated high blood pressure can take a real toll on the heart. but now california researchers have shown how it can also damage the brain. and get this. in people as young as 40! dr. kim joins with us more. >>> reporter: well, what's bad for your heart is bad for your brain. this is sobering news. researchers at uc-davis have shown for the first time that high blood pressure speeds up the aging process in the brain. what's more, they found brain damage even among young people with prehypertension. >>> reporter: high blood pres
:00 this morning and the bay area has been very generous and we're not done yet. >> roberta gonzales is in the call center. those phones keep ringing. >> reporter: i am here in the hurricane relief fund telethon. we started at 6:00 this morning. we're going strong all the way until 7 p.m. i'm going to become your very personal friend over the next several hours because i'm not going anywhere. i need your help. i need you to help people on the east coast. it's west coast joining east coast. together we can make it better for everyone because 53,000 people still cannot go home because of the wrath of superstorm sandy. also, people are still without electricity and top that off with a second storm a nor'easter that raced through new york and new jersey yesterday dumping record amounts of snow. emily white is here with the american red cross. >> thank you so much for helping. >> reporter: tell us how great the need is. >> it's enormous and it's growing every day. this is ramping up to be one of our largest responses in the past five years. we have tons of volunteers out there right now working with loc
contribute just go to our website, just amazing. >> my guess, roberta gonzales is asleep. she went straight through 13 hours including at the end. >> great job. >> a lot of generous people. we say thanks. >>> it is 4:40 now. navy seals in a lot of trouble with the department of defense. what they did with the videogame that's causing a lot of security concerns. >> plus, something fishy about a uc-davis sorority prank. why police don't think it's too funny. >> and it looks like something out of a movie here. bandits, motorcycles pull off a brazen heist inside a mall that's packed with people. it's coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it looks like something outa james bond movie. six men, dressed in black, wearing helmets >>> a brazen heist at a mall in north london looks like something out of a james bond really. six men dressed in black ride into the mall on motorcycles. they then smash the display window at a jewelry store and ride off with $3 million worth of jewels and rolex and cartier watches. police are still looking for them. they were able to get away. >> that is a little c
-- sheets. here's roberta gonzales. >> good evening een. in fact, today -- everybody 679 in fact today we were averaging temperatures up to ten degrees below normal and many of the neighborhoods only topping off in the mid 50s and tonight once the sun officially set the temperatures went downward very quickly. in fact the national weather service has now issued a frost advisory in effect for the blue highlighted areas there. that's the north bay valleys where temperatures will dip into the upper 20s and low 30s for a few hours. so be sure to protect your plants and pets. in fact let's pinpoint the temperatures, 32 degrees, freezing in santa rosa. it means the upper 20s for you and otherwise 35 degrees in napa and mid 30s throughout the trivalley. we'll be talking rain again and we'll pinpoint the days coming up straight ahead and a little bit later in this newscast. >>> a man suspected of murdering his wife in san jose was found dead late this afternoon. the body of 50-year-old troy nosenzo was found in his car in the county. police believe nosenzo committed suicide by overdosing on sleep
of thanksgiving, speaking of the holidays, one big event going on in san francisco is where we see roberta gonzales live tonight. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, paul. i have to tell you for 26 years, this party has been going strong. it is the annual embarcadero center building lighting ceremony. i have been here now for the past 15 years. rain or shine, it goes on. we are going to light up these buildings and talk more about it. steve is here with boston properties. how many lights are going to be lit up tonight? >> you'll see 17,000 two watt bulbs light up four buildings here at embarcadero center. >> what i love is i drive across the bay bridge even at 2a these lights light up the city. >> they will be lit until the end of the year so the 31st at new year's we'll shut them down. >> i have to tell you every time i see the embarcadero center lit up, for me, it means the holidays have begun. >> it's absolutely the kickoff. holiday season here in the bay area and you're going to have a spectacular show here tonight. >> reporter: a big show going on here tonight. and honestly, thi
a wet weekend. roberta gonzales has a look at the radar. >> picking up scattered showers as this cold front is slicing through the bay area, quickly falling apart at the seams. we have moderate rain falling on highway 92 on the approach toward hayward. light rain right now. otherwise, we have a cell that seems to want to develop and expand across the santa clara valley. here is that corridor, very slippery when wet. you see 680 heading north and south, pretty much light to moderate rainfall as it spills in from blackhawk to san ramon into dublin. here's the cell that fell just in the past few minutes, around the palo alto area. we've had some hefty rain in the santa cruz mountains. we're tracking this latest cold front. we'll tell you when the rain will end and how it effects the raider game, coming up. >>> in dairy city, it will be a long night, just days after their neighborhood was buried in mud, rain is once again a threat to a crumbling hillside. >> reporter: fortunately, right now, ann, it is not raining. it is very calm here, but folks are concerned because they've seen what ca
. "spare the air" days are going to become more common. it's wintertime now for "spare the air" and roberta gonzales has more on that. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, paul. it is a very first day of the winter "spare the air" day and in fact it runs all the way through february 28th. and this is my own fireplace here that 15 years ago i converted on over to gas because my son suffers from terrible asthma so i was trying to clean up the air. this fireplace here, take a look. i converted this wood-burning fireplace into candles. and again, i'm just trying do my part to make it a healthier environment for my son but if you have wood-burning fireplaces, there's a new law you need to know about or you can end up in smoke school. in 2008, the bay area air quality district launched its first winter "spare the air" program. staff meteorologists were diligently compiling information to determine if an alert should be issued. today is not a winter "spare the air" day here throughout the tri-valley and it's pretty obvious. the sky is blue and the clouds are big and puffy. but if it was a wint
generosity, we raised almost $135,000 for the red cross. roberta gonzales doing yeoman's work all day. our parent company cbs matched almost $18,000 in employee donations. and you can still contribute if you would like. go to our website, >> very generous people in the bay area. >> absolutely. >> so much money. so that's great. >>> time now 6:11. sudden snow catching drivers by surprise in the sierra. we'll have a live report. >> is it creepy or natural? the breast-feeding baby doll that has some parents a little upset. >> and be sure to check your chocolate milk. the powder recall over salmonella concerns. ,, [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u
own roberta gonzales is the marathon woman who worked 13 hours and did a terrific job. thanks to your generosity we raised nearly $135,000. it's all going to the red cross for the folks on the east coast. our parent company cbs matched almost $18,000 in employee donations. and you can still contribute if you would like to. just go to >>> in just a few hours, president obama is set to deliver a speech about preventing the u.s. from falling off the "fiscal cliff." if congressional democrats and republicans don't reach a budget deal by year's end, bush- era tax cuts will expire and deep across-the-board cuts will kick in. well, for now, vice president joe biden and many others in washington are expressing confidence that can be avoided. >> we're not going over the cliff. we're determined not to go over the cliff. i think better heads will prevail. >> the non-partisan congressional budget office predicts the "fiscal cliff" would send the unemployment rates skyrocketing above 9% next year. >>> worries about the "fiscal cliff" sent stocks plunging again. ashley morrison is going
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